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"Detective Stills" —> ???

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We are family.

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Jim Caviezel and EP Greg Plageman At the Dodgers Game

Batter up! Jim Caviezel threw out the first pitch at yesterday’s Dodgers game & EP Greg Plageman was there to show support 


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Classic Motown & Soul Train videos for Mr. Reese


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Harold Finch & Root

Person of Interest | The Contingency | S2E1

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If I put our thread in “past cases" due to a long absence, and you still wish to continue that thread, then reply and tell me. I will add it back to my "current cases”. :)

Strike through means I have replied and they are in my queue or already out! :3 Italics means that I owe the starter.

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Amy Acker 

Samantha Groves - Root

Person of Interest

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Happy Michael Monday!!!!

screencaps by  GRANDECAPS 


Happy Michael Monday!!!!

screencaps by  GRANDECAPS 

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